19,500,000 ₪
Size or area
180 m²
10 m²
Creating historical splendor in Old Jaffa    #3213

 A dream house is just one of the descriptions that can be thought of when we come to describe the pearl now offered for sale in Old Jaffa. The Israeli architect Pizza Kedem in one of his marvelous works, planned and preserved a historic house that covers an area of ​​180 square meters. Its location is unique in that it is located above the port, facing west and all openings to the sea. Although it is difficult to determine the exact age of the buildings, The work of the professionals involved in the preservation and design of the house is described in magazines considered in the world of architecture and design.The idea was to restore the building and its characteristics, the stone walls, sliced ​​ceilings and arches, including exposing the original materials (combination of pottery and beach sand). The strangers, and underwent a peeling process until its original condition is revealed.Surprisingly, modern and minimalist building styles remind us of the ascetic style of the past and correspond with it.The main idea was to combine old and new while preserving qualities and creating new spaces that blend styles together and enhance them: historical Is expressed in the preservation of the textures and materials of the outer shell of the buildings.Modern is expressed by opening spaces and by changing the internal flow to one more open, freer environment, along with the use of stainless steel.The project succeeds in respecting and preserving the historical values ​​and Almost romantic of the structure while creating a contemporary, modern and appropriate project for its period. Enter through a picturesque alley into an entrance foyer designed as a work space. The interior of the house features exposed concrete flooring covered with a mix of patterned rugs and textures. A set of three revolving glass doors frames the bedroom on this level. A clean and elegantly designed bathroom and toilet are located at the depth of the level. The language of minimalism is familiar in every corner of the house and is expressed in hidden and hidden elements. To the living room space which has a double height ceiling, leads an iron staircase placed in the exposed concrete wall and combined with hanging stainless steel cables. Tall windows open from the living room to an open wooden terrace with everything of course - facing the sea. A new extension to the buffet kitchen designed on the west side of the house includes a long window with a view of the sea. A stunning arched space at the back of the kitchen serves as the dining room, surrounded by small hollow pockets in the walls at different heights, used to create storage areas. The staircase continues to an elegant master suite which is on the mezzanine floor above, with steel parquet and also a luxurious buffet bathroom overlooking the sea. Among other things: all the windows are made of bronze, a concrete floor - white cement, an ironing ceiling in the living room, hidden and high-quality air conditioning systems in every space, and a host of other wonderful planning and design elements.
The photos of the architectural photographer Amit Garon speak for themselves:

Asking price: 19,500,000 NIS

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